Beth (mergana) wrote in fireworkgrphcs,

OuaT picspams

Below the cut are a few picspams from the season 3 finale for the Finale Review challenge at onceuponaland.

Click for full size (they're all 800 wide in full size).

Snow White and Prince Charming. Always so adorable.

Baby!Neal and family.

Rumbelle and a wedding.

Outlaw Queen is magic.

And finally, Captain Swan...lots of Captain Swan...there are seven of these, because making it one picspam would've been too confusing in GIMP...and because Hook....

Sorry, guys. I just love Hook and Captain Swan way too much, and there was so much to work with in this episode.

I would rate these two episodes around 9 out of 10. There's not a lot I was disappointed in (mostly just the end of Outlaw Queen, really). I'm so looking forward to season 4 and its Frozen adventure.
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